What makes Ellis Developments such a unique company is our approach to design. When it comes to urban land design, house and land need to be looked at as one design.  This is why we reverse engineer the land with the house designs in mind first.  This ensures our developments are harmonious in design and our clients get the best possible outcome.


We approach all land sub-divisions holistically, starting with acute considerations given to orientation, airflow, aspect, views, and solar impact then design our homes based on those factors.


On numerous occasions we have redesigned lots within established developments in order to better utilize the land for the North Queensland lifestyle. We have taken these considerations and successes and applied them in designing our own boutique development at Railway Estate and our latest release, Haven.  The Haven estate is one of the last remaining large-scale residential sites near the CBD, linking all of Townsville’s unique lifestyle offerings within a 2km radius.  At the western base of Castle Hill, this community of 200 home and land sites signals a shift to well- designed inner city urban homes to meet the community’s changing lifestyle and evolving needs.


State Government opened up ‘The Village’ 3.5km south of the Townsville CBD in 2013, testing the market with average lot sizes of around 300sqm. This concept was snapped up by locals. Ellis Developments also entered the urban housing market in 2013, building our own small-lot development, Hampton Court, consisting of eight houses with average lot sizes of 220sqm.


Hampton Court was a Housing Industry Association (HIA) award winner and both Ellis Developments and Townsville lifestyle buyers have not looked back. Haven was developed through consultation between our in-house designer and a small-lot subdivision design specialist.


We then added a layer of luxuries to each house (normally considered ‘extras’) as standard to present a range of homes that are economical to build with high-end features.


We welcome collaborations with fellow land developers to utilize our in-house team of specialists who have proven track record of successfully designing residential communities for the North Queensland climate.








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