CEO Stephen Ellis started his career in residential development in the 1980’s.  For the last 30-years he has specialized in restoring and developing residential accommodation in inner-city UK suburbs where, for hundreds of years, space was at a premium and housing was established to cater for medium to high density. Growing up a community in Scotland where every “nook and cranny” was utilized, Stephen successfully translates optimized design into the current Australian appetite for urban living. Such an advantage can only be gained from years of experience and hundreds of properties.



Commercial office space and residential restoration projects working on historical heritage properties that are over 100-years old. Ellis retains and manages a large portfolio of commercial, office, and retail holdings in the UK.



The North American housing industry is constantly evolving due to a population of 322.5 million people requiring housing. This ensures the USA is leading the world in terms of technology, building techniques, and cost effective systems.

We gather inspiration from USA architecture, new technology, materials and design to bring back to Australia to deliver our Clients the latest cutting-edge homes, adapting them for our climate. North America experiences similar weather patterns to Australia and as such their products are both out-standing and innovative.